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Camping Azerbaijan

Camping Azerbaijan – an ecotourism company organizes tours to nature areas and mountains, remote villages and the Caucasus`s peaks. The company started with a guide in 2014 and now the team consists of 8 persons. We understand the ecotourism responsibilities and do out utmost to comply with the principles of ecotourism. Our impact on nature is at the minimum and we organize tours for small groups.

Our fundamental principle is to organize tours to natural areas that conserve the environment and contributing at the same time to the welfare of the local communities. Thus we have food and stay at the villagers` houses and use local driver services during our tours. We comprehend our corporate social responsibility and carry out social and ecological projects in the villages. We have implemented such projects as “Məktəb Avtobusu Ucqar Kəndlərdə” (School Bus in Remote Villages), “Şaxta Baba Ucqar Kəndlərdə” (Santa Claus in Remote Villages),  “Mən Bakıda Olmuşam” (I have been in Baku) and we are continuously working on new social projects.

The routes of the tours are mainly the results of our own research except for the classic peak ones. Recently, we have added new routes to the nature tourism in Azerbaijan.

With regards to socio-cultural benefits, since eco-tourists are travelers seeking unique and authentic travel experiences, Camping Azerbaijan is an added incentive for visitors to see the nature of Azerbaijan and the local communities which retain their traditional heritage and lifestyles