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Welcome to Baku IdeaLab

Your vibrant and innovative local community

Why Baku IdeaLab?
Do you have an idea on how to make your neighborhood or your city better? Do you see a social problem that you know how to tackle? Do you have the drive to make a positive change in your community? Baku IdeaLab is here to help you bring your ideas to life! Baku IdeaLab is a community of young, talented, and hard-working Bakuvians who do not sit and wait for a positive change to come – they lead the positive change themselves. Learn more about Baku IdeaLab, come to our Events, have your Event at the Lab, or Join us!
Our events and programs


Research and data for impact


Enrich urban experience and strengthen Baku community


Build understanding and mutual trust between different groups in society

Have your event at Baku IdeaLab

Conference Room: 57 m2; Room for meetings and events 25 – 40 people
Collaboration Room: 53 m2; Room for meetings and events 25 – 50 people
Meet-up Room: 40 m2 ; Space for meet-ups and small discussions 10-12 people
Collaborative office space
Entire Baku IdeaLab (3 rooms, 40 m2, 53 m2, and 57 m2)